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ConnectWyoming Project Updates

Through the efforts of Governor Gordon, his administration, and the Wyoming Business Council, TCT is excited to announce that several projects will be funded through the ConnectWyoming Initiative. The initiative utilizes Federal CARES Act funds to help build out broadband infrastructure to some of the most rural and underserved areas in the Big Horn Basin.

Blowing Fiber in Shell Beaver Creek

December 14, 2020

We're blowing fiber today in the Beaver Creek area of Shell. The cold weather makes it a bit more challenging, but our crews are on getting it done!

Prep to Blow Fiber in Shell Beaver Creek

December 12, 2020

Our crews were braving the winter weather over the weekend as they prepare to blow fiber in the Shell area. We've been lucky to have excellent crews helping us move the ConnectWyoming projects along and hit our deadlines!

Nicholson Construction Plowing Fiber

December 4, 2020

Thanks to this beautiful December weather, we are still able to plow fiber! The ConnectWyoming projects - funded through grants as part of the CARES Act - are still making great progress. Here's one of our crews today west of Greybull on the Wyo-Ben Road plowing fiber.

Underserved Explanation

November 18, 2020

As we've been working hard on the ConnectWyoming projects, people have asked us how areas are determined to be unserved or underserved - which has been the focus of the initiative. The FCC has determined an area to be unserved or underserved if they do not have broadband internet or have broadband internet capabilities of at least 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds. The ConnectWyoming initiative was almost entirely based upon the FCC data and census tracts identified as either unserved or underserved. TCT is privileged to be a part of upgrading and expanding access to broadband internet across the Big Horn Basin!

First Otto Customer

November 16, 2020

We're so excited! All the hard work over the last several weeks is paying off. This morning we were able to connect our first new customer in the Otto area. We look forward to better serving so many underserved homes and businesses through these projects!

Blowing Fiber in Cowley

November 13, 2020

Our crews are out in the Cowley area blowing fiber cables in the freezing weather. We continue to get excited for the upgrades throughout the Big Horn Basin made possible through funds from the CARES Act and the ConnectWyoming initiative.

Sunshine Tower

November 11, 2020

Our new tower is now standing near Lower Sunshine Reservoir close to Meeteetse. Come snow, rain, or shine, our crews are out there keeping the ConnectWyoming projects moving right along.

McCullough Peak Fiber

November 3, 2020

Our crews have been busy laying fiber to the towers on McCullough Peak. These towers have been designated as one of the three primary communications sites in the Big Horn Basin. This considerable upgrade will allow for improved wireless internet services, critical communication services, and cellular services. It will also allow for increased capacity and additional services going forward. Thanks to our hard-working crews for making these upgrades possible.

West River Road in Manderson

October 23, 2020

Today we started plowing duct on West River Road in Manderson. More ConnectWyoming project progress is happening every day!

Meeteetse Saddle Hill

October 20, 2020

Work is moving along in the Saddle Hill area near Meeteetse! Did you know all the ConnectWyoming projects are funded by grants from the CARES Act? The availability of these funds is unprecedented and will allow us to make big strides in these underserved areas. The challenge will be to have these projects completed by the end of 2020! The hard-working team at TCT and the hired third-party contractors are putting in many hours each day and week to hit the completion deadline. Thank you to everyone for your support and patience as we continue to improve service in the Big Horn Basin!

Nicholson Construction Plowing Fiber

October 16, 2020

TCT has been very busy in the Shell area! Our Trapper Creek project got underway this week and our project from Greybull to Shell is coming along nicely as well. We are so lucky to work in this beautiful area. We are getting excited to offer the improved services through the ConnectWyoming Initiative.

Horse Creek Tower Build

October 8, 2020

Our Horse Creek Tower is up in the Shell area! We still have additional work to do to get it ready, but we are getting closer to connecting customers! These ConnectWyoming projects are moving so quickly!

Thank you

October 6, 2020

TCT has received funding through the federal CARES Act through the ConnectWyoming Initiative to enable the expansion and improvement of services to our underserved customers. Things are moving right along in portions of TCT’s ConnectWyoming projects. We appreciate Big Horn County commissioners, Park County road and public works, Garland Light and Power, Big Horn REA, WYDOT, and many of the irrigation districts for quickly granting permits and easements to get projects moving quickly. TCT is working diligently to obtain remaining approvals and easements from the Bureau of Reclamation (BLM), Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), Park County Planning and Zoning, and railroad companies to proceed with some of these projects. Continue to watch for updates to these projects on social media and our website.  

Horse Creek Tower base

October 1, 2020

The Horse Creek Tower is well under way in the Shell area! Our crews and contractors have been dedicated to these projects and their hard work is showing.

Firing up the cabinet

September 29, 2020

Our ConnectWyoming project in the Otto area are progressing very nicely! We're working on getting the cabinet's set and fired up - getting us one step closer to improved service in the Otto area!

Laying conduit in Shell area

September 28, 2020

Our ConnectWyoming projects are moving right along! We were laying conduit this weekend in the gorgeous Shell area. The excitement is building as we prepare to better serve this underserved area!

Laying fiber

September 23, 2020

What is the ConnectWyoming Initiative? This initiative is being partially funded through Federal CARES Act funds. The Wyoming Business Council has been directed by Governor Gordon to use the funds to organize this project to address areas across the state that are underserved and in need of support to increase broadband access. These areas were identified using the FCC's broadband maps. TCT is so grateful to be a part of this initiative in the Big Horn Basin. Continue to visit our website for project updates.

ConnectWyoming Project Map

September 18, 2020

The map to the right shows all of TCT's mainline projects that are planned, completed, or under construction across the Big Horn Basin as part of the ConnectWyoming Initiative. TCT will contact customers who are eligible for service upgrades or connects as the projects are completed. We are so excited to better serve these areas that were identified as underserved by the guidelines of the initiative!

Nicholson Construction Plowing Fiber

September 15, 2020

Our crews are busy getting another ConnectWyoming project underway! We've been setting fiber vaults in preparation for fiber to the home in the Beaver Creek area near Shell. We look forward to providing improved services in this area with the help of the CARES Act funds

Nicholson Construction Plowing Fiber

September 14, 2020

Several of our ConnectWyoming Initiative projects are underway! Nicholson Construction was laying fiber cable first thing this morning in the Otto & Burlington area in preparation for Fiber to the Home services for this underserved area. Thanks to the Wyoming Business Council for their efforts to fund these projects utilizing the CARES Act funds.

CARES Project

September 9, 2020

Through the efforts of Governor Gordon, his administration, and the Wyoming Business Council, TCT is excited to announce that several projects will be funded through the ConnectWyoming Initiative. The initiative utilizes Federal CARES Act funds to help build out broadband infrastructure to some of the most rural and underserved areas in the Big Horn Basin. The expanded infrastructure will allow many Wyoming residents to better deal with the effects of COVID-19 including remote schooling, home bound workers, and those who rely on telemedicine to stay safe during these trying times. We appreciate the efforts of the many entities and agencies who are working to help expedite the construction of these facilities to meet the deadlines that have been placed on the funding of these projects.